WatergrassElem1WaterGrass Elementary School, located in the WaterGrass Community, has 13 lucky 5th Graders who may appear in an upcoming Apple iPad advertisement. Wanting to get an image of young students using technology for a presentation, Andy Dunn, a school district official, brought in an iPad for the children to use in a series of photographs.

Eventually, the photographs were sent to a local Apple sales representative, Andrea Barr, who works with the school on a regular basis. When Barr saw the pictures, she claimed her heart melted by the expressions of pure joy on the children’s faces. After forwarding the pictures to her bosses, the pictures got the attention of Apple’s vice president of education, John Couch, who is interested in using the photographs for a future ad campaign.

While Dunn and the school district would not be paid for the use of the photos, Apple has promised an iPad for each of the 13 youngsters in the pictures. The children receiving them could not be more excited, claiming they can’t wait to play games, listen to music, and do research on their very own iPad.

One mother of a child receiving an iPad, Elisha Trujillo, said, “It catapults (the students) into the future and gives the technology they’re going to need to survive.”

Watergrass Elementary School opened in August of 2009, and is a public K-5 Elementary School. The mission of the school is to provide a safe and positive learning environment. Core values include providing a student-centered atmosphere to empower learners; communicating clearly; maintaining high expectations for students, staff, and community; and promoting a positive and respectful environment.

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