moving-boxes-mediumIf you are packing for your new home and it seems as though you have an endless amount of possessions, it may be time to have a garage sale.  Getting rid of those items will not only make your move lighter, but you will also have some extra money to spend on your new home.  Here are some tips from to ensure that your garage sale is a huge success.

Get out and promote – You want to make sure that as many people as possible know of the date, time and location of your garage sale.  Circulating this information can be done by placing ads in the local newspaper or on any relevant websites, as well as by posting fliers throughout town.

Remind everyone – You should post signs on nearby streets to remind the neighbors about your garage sale a few days beforehand.

Organize – The day before your garage sale is the time to set everything up and group items into categories such as baby clothes, toys or home decorations.  It will also prepare you in case you need any additional tables because you have more than you initially thought.

pre-printed_price_stickersUse price tags – Putting your own price on items will help eliminate any frustration during the actual garage sale.  Using neon colored stickers can help customers recognize the price immediately.

Sell as much as possible – You will want to get rid of all those items you will no longer need in your new home.  Lowering the price is a way to convince those people to buy an item who might have been on the fence.

Donate – Take any items you know won’t be of any use to you to a local charity.  You were going to sell them in the first place, so help out those who are less fortunate instead.

Following these steps can make the moving process a seamless one rather than a headache.

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