BakerfieldBakerfield Luxury Homes is now building in the Summerglade neighborhood of WaterGrass in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know this great builder. We asked Adam Gaudens, Director of Sales and Marketing, a few questions about what to expect with Bakerfield Luxury Homes.

What makes Bakerfield Luxury Homes unique?
Bakerfield Luxury Homes is unique in the sense that we threw away the rulebook when it came to building a luxury home. Our philosophy was not to charge for every luxury feature in your home, but instead make them standard features. From the construction and structural details, to countertops and flooring, Bakerfield only uses the best materials available and builds far superior to today’s codes and standards.

Many of the features that a homebuyer does not see have been upgraded as standard to provide a true luxury home, as well as an Energy-Star certified and Green certified home. Upgraded insulation, roofing materials, construction techniques, and even the concrete we use is superior to everyday building materials. Behind the scenes, Bakerfield takes care of making sure your home is not only luxurious, but built with passion.

What can a homebuyer expect from their home when they build with Bakerfield?
A homebuyer can expect anything but the ordinary when building with Bakerfield Luxury Homes. From start to finish, you will be at ease and see a home built with an unwavering attention to detail and passion. We will ease you through the process with preset construction and design meetings. Bakerfield will take your dreams and make them a reality. In an nutshell, homebuyers can expect nothing but the best… in the details, in the finishes, and in the lifestyle.

What are your favorite luxury features Bakerfield offers?
Every aspect of a Bakerfield Home has been designed with luxury in mind, but with a price that homebuyers will be happy with and a value unmatched. A homebuyer will instantly notice the wider than usual hallways, typically 4 1/2 ft wide, wider staircases, arches, tray ceilings, and attention to detail. All of these luxury features make for a home that is open, inviting, and warm.

It’s in the little things.
Special no-cost added extras such as broom closets, mitered glass windows, standard granite countertops, gourmet kitchen, and rounded corner walls are some of the favorite features. Our “Luxury Laundry Rooms” are typically three times larger than most laundry rooms, and are a standard luxury feature.

Favorite feature.
One of my absolute favorite features in the Belle Soleil is the Morning Breakfast Bar in the Master Bedroom. It has an undercounter refrigerator, granite, and 42″ upper cabinets. And yes, it’s a standard luxury feature.

Judge a house by its cover.
And for an exterior luxury feature, we offer several different “Bakerfield Signature Finishes” – different stucco textures and stone options that truly make your home stand out among the rest.  Again, this is standard for Bakerfield Luxury Home.

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