perfect-painting-01As the seasons change, many people will begin redecorating their homes. Once spring arrives, many will be part of an interior design frenzy. We’ve summarized some painting tips below to help you get a head start on sprucing up your home.

There are a plethora of colors and styles to choose from, but the top selling colors are typically neutral and have mass appeal. Light whites and beiges can create a great ambience for any room. The evolving construction of homes has also contributed to the popularity of neutral colors like tans and beiges as rooms are more open and the architecture increasingly connects rooms. In these types of circumstances, it helps to use a neutral color that ties the entire home together, especially since many rooms may be visible from other rooms.

In choosing a color for a particular room, it’s best to keep colors muted, according to Gabrielle Genevich, the branch manager for Sherwin Williams. Many people may be tempted by home magazines to get bright and outrageous colors but are often disappointed with the end results. Going with big colors can be ok but make sure it’s not going to overpower everything else.

When it comes to paint quality, it’s not always necessary to go with the most expensive options. Mid-range paints will save you money but also save you a headache. Better quality paints will prevent the need to paint three coats or correct errors.

Painting the ceiling is usually not necessary to give a room a clean, fresh feel. If there are smoke stains, it is ok to use a lower-cost interior flat paint to remedy the issue.

Before actually painting, it’s important to prep correctly. Make sure you set it up so that you aren’t getting paint on your trim, flooring or carpets. You also want to make sure that your roller is not going to leave fuzz or other particles on your walls.

Have you recently re-decorated your home? We would love to hear any tips you have to share.

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