giant-treeAdding flavor to a room is becoming easier and easier with a little creativity and custom touches. One of the newest trends rising in popularity is the use of vinyl wall decals. These inexpensive and highly artistic pieces can dramatically enhance the mood of any room. Sites like offer a wide variety of designs to choose from that should suit the tastes of anyone.

One of the first questions to arise about wall decals is “are they removable?” The answer is yes. The great thing about vinyl wall decals is that they are easy to use and can be taken down if you’re looking to change the design of a room. While they are long-lasting and durable, the decals can be taken down after long periods of time without damaging the surface below. Another unique feature is that companies offering these decals will often take pictures you’ve taken and create custom decals.

Application is easy. The first step is to clean the area where you will be applying the decal, which may be the entire wall, depending on the size of your decal. The next step is to draw marks on the wall where you plan on applying the decal. It is best to use a pencil, which can be washed off later.

After you have decided where to place your decal, you should prepare it by laying it on a flat surface and smoothing it out. There are three parts: the white backing, the vinyl decal and the transfer tape. Once you have smoothed out the parts, you can begin to apply your decal.

First, you’ll remove a corner of the backing and align the edges of the exposed transfer tape with the marks you made on the wall. Once the top two corners are aligned with your marks, you can begin to slowly peel the rest of the back off, smoothing the decal against the wall as you go.

You will want to smooth out the decal onto the wall with your rubber piece again so that you get that seamless appearance of your decal against the wall. Once you have finished smoothing, you can peel off the transfer tape. Finish by using a towel to wipe away any residue left on your decal from the transfer tape. You now have a personalized accent piece for any room in your custom built home.

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