thumbs_colorful-room2As summer heats up, many are coordinating their housing decor to warm up as well. Often in the winter, homes become bland and “wintery.” Let the light in with some of these easy ways from the Chicago Tribune to “summerize” your home!

  1. Use Lots of colors. Turquoise and yellow are two great colors for summer, especially when paired with gray or brown.
  2. Change your throw pillows. Simply switching your throw pillows as you would your wardrobe is an easy way to liven up a room. Consider using both background pillows and punctuation pillows with more patterns to them.
  3. Rearrange. Moving your furniture around will help keep your home looking fresh. Not only is it a great opportunity to dust behind those covered corners, but it livens up a room’s personality as well.
  4. Get a new lamp. Something as simple as a lamp can help add personality to a bland room as well as lighten it up! Choose lamps that have the same color value as the room, but stray away from color coordinating everything exactly the same.
  5. Do things outside of your comfort zone. Be eclectic. Use different color or furniture assortments you never thought would work but have always wanted to try. Push your boundaries and add an unexpected color into an otherwise tame room.
  6. Rethink your TV placement. Be proud of your TV – don’t hide it. Consider treating it as a centerpiece and accenting the room around it with complementary decor.

What are your favorite ways to brighten your abode? We’d love to hear about them in our comments section!

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