housenumber-1During this time of year, home improvement is top of mind for many homeowners. While finding the time to do extensive home remodeling or repairs can often be a challenge, there are little things homeowners can do to spruce up their home in just one weekend. ShopSmart magazine recently listed some relatively simple and inexpensive projects that can improve your home without dominating your free time.

Put out a welcome mat. This is an extraordinarily simple way to add some personality to the entrance of your home. This is also something that can be changed to coordinate with seasons or holidays. It’s a little touch that shows you think highly of your home.

Add potted plants. Another way to greet visitors to your home is by placing potted plants near your front door and along walkways. Water them frequently to keep them fresh. In the winter, don’t hesitate to replace annuals with pines.

Replace the doorknob. Replacing your doorknob can add a unique touch to your home and may be a do-it-yourself job if your replacement doorknob is the same size as the original.

Replace house numbers. You can nicely complement the architecture of your home with some over-sized numbers or plaques with unique designs.

Upgrade the lighting. Lighting in the yard is a nice way to highlight your home and add interest. Additionally, a wall-mounted or hanging fixture near the door accents the entrance to your home.

Hang a door knocker. There are a variety of styles to choose from when picking a new door knocker, including whimsical motifs, bold rings or classic designs. Similar to your house numbers, choose a style that complements the architecture of your home.

Do you have your own tips or ideas for simple ways to improve your home? We’d love to hear from you.

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