pactwins_71463c11The St. Petersburg Times recently published a unique article about the Seven Oaks community. Enjoy a summary of the story below.

Sarah and Jennifer Altheimer, both with blue eyes, wavy brown hair and a love of cats, are identical twins.

“We’ve always been best friends,” said Jennifer, the self-proclaimed outgoing one of the pair.

As best friends, the two have, with the help of their parents, bought homes in the Seven Oaks community right next door to each other, even donning the same floor plan.

The two are so identical, even family had trouble keeping them straight. As a child, their mother kept Jennifer’s toenails painted to help her separate the two. She also made sure to always dress Jennifer in pink and Sarah in purple.

They consider themselves mirror image twins, although Sarah is more reserved and Jennifer is more of an extrovert. They are so similar that, when Sarah had to have her gall bladder removed, Jennifer had to have hers removed just two weeks later.

Both attended the University of South Florida and had most of the same classes, having received the same marketing degree.

Only one year has passed where the two were not roommates and even then, they lived in the same apartment complex.

The twins began looking for homes after graduating college and were interested in Tampa Palms where their divorced parents live. After a real estate agent’s attitude turned them off to the area, Jennifer took notice of Seven Oaks, which is very close to her job in the Shops at Wiregrass. She loved the lush landscaping and neat homes.

Blucher Bridges, a real estate agent for Standard Pacific Homes, was a bit surprised by the request he received from the clubhouse.

“They wanted to know if I had two houses side by side,” he said. “They said they had two young ladies; they didn’t tell me they were twins. I’ve been here 10 years, and I must say this is a first.”

Fortunately, Bridges had two inventory Brookland models right next door to each other. The two-story homes include a great room, three downstairs bedrooms, with a bonus room and extra bed and bath upstairs. The base price of the home is about $258,000.

Sarah will be living in the pale yellow house with the bay window in front while Jennifer will reside in the taupe home with the stone façade that runs halfway up the house and the slightly darker floor tile. The two plan on decorating differently as well. Sarah prefers themed rooms while Jennifer likes black and white with bold florals.

The home will suit Sarah and her fiancé well, as they plan to raise a family there someday after their wedding next year. Jennifer may live with some roommates to help with the mortgage.

While they will be living in quite close proximity to one another, they agree that there are times they want to be apart.

“We know when we’ve spent too much time together,” Sarah said.

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