The Chelsea model by Standard Pacific Homes has just grand opened, and the professional decorating is phenomenal. We recently asked the designer, Chris Popovich, Sr. Designer at Masterpiece Design Group, for a few decorating and painting tips. So if you are thinking of purchasing a home at WaterGrass, read below to help you get ready to show off your new home!

We love the interesting paint colors and designs. Chris’s painting advice:
Dining RoomPaint is your friend, don’t be afraid of it! Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to transform a space. And, if you don’t care for the color after you’ve painted the wall, it’s easy to paint over your mistake. He does recommend neutral paint tones as a backdrop for main rooms, and he does not mean beige! Chris prefers beautiful shades of gray, blues, and greens that are great neutrals and recommends limiting bolder colors for a niche or accent wall for added drama. Don’t forget about painting your fifth wall, the ceiling. Painting your ceiling is a great way to complete this layer of the room design; it can be treated many different ways depending on your space and height.

Decorating tips for those looking to enhance their home:
Bonus Room3Chris recommends following the painting advice above! Keep to neutral fabrics on your more expensive items and add pops and bursts of color with your pillows and accessories. These are easy things to change as your taste and design trends change, sofas are a bit more expensive to replace. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, there is nothing more boring than a matching suite of furniture in a space. Experiment with lighting in your home to create a warm inviting feel, use up‐lighting behind plants or furnishings and lose the overhead fluorescents!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these design tips from Chris Popovich, Sr. Designer, MDG. If you have any future design needs, be sure to look into Masterpiece Design Group or call them at 407.740.5551.

Set up an appointment to visit the Chelsea model today!

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