PlaygroundWhether you are a young single couple planning to have kids in the future, a family with children and teens, or a retired couple who may expect grandkids to visit, you’re sure to love living in a community that is full of neighborhood parks. When you live at WaterGrass, you can enjoy the many parks, bike paths, and playgrounds right in your backyard. A few of the many benefits of living near neighborhood parks:

  • Free family fun. With movies costing up to $10 a person, shopping leading to inevitable purchases, and the high cost of admission to theme parks, it can be expensive to go out as a family! The good news is, neighborhood parks are as easy on the pocket book as possible—nothing is better than free fun. So organize a family walk or bike ride, play tag in the park, or put together a family game of kickball. The only limit to the possibilities of free family fun in the park is your imagination!
  • Meet your neighbors. Your park will be a great place to meet and get to know your neighbors. The neighborhood park gives you the easy opportunity to find families you have things in common with—a love of dogs, kids the same age, and more. The whole family has the chance to make lasting friendships in this great and playful setting.
  • Get healthy exercise. It’s no secret that obesity has become a problem across the United States, including childhood obesity. A park is a great place to burn off calories and get fit in a fun, relaxed, and playful environment. You and your children likely won’t even realize how much exercise you are putting in until you make your way back home, enjoying the energizing effect of endorphins that come from active play.
  • Promote creativity. A park is a great place for the family to enjoy and work on being creative. Read books,bike path write in a journal, play a guitar, and explore. You’ll love living so close to natural spaces where you can take time out to be intentional about being creative.

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