SkydiveSkydiving began at Zephyrhills Airport in 1961—just over a half hour from WaterGrass. And to celebrate, from November 19-27 SkyDive City of Zephyrhills is hosting their Annual Thanksgiving Boogie and Turkey Meet—50th Anniversary Reunion.

The week is packed with events:

  • Night Jumps
  • High Altitude Loads
  • 10 Way Speed Competition
  • 8 Way and 16 Way FS Competitions

There are also a lot of special non-skydiving events for those who just want to participate in the celebration and observe:

  • Roller Rink Night at Crystal Springs Roller Skating Rink
  • Winkie Bar Night at the Sunset Bar
  • 60s Dress Up Party
  • Blood Drive
  • Reunion Banquet Night

Check out the event Facebook page.

With this historic adventure opportunity nearby, your life is sure to have excitement when you need it! Skydive City is one of the World’s Premiere Skydiving Centers. Skydive City has been open since 1989. They are a USPA affiliated dropzone with a solid staff of high quality instructors, all with various USPA, CSPA, and BPA Instructional ratings. They work with everyone from beginners to those who want to earn their own instructional rating. It’s a great place when you’re up for an adventure!

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