One of the questions that we get from time to time is how do we do it all when designing and building a clubhouse community. So we’d like to share what truly makes us distinguished.

A brick monument and entry way with landscaping are completed before the first house is even built.

A brick monument and entry way with landscaping are completed before the first house is even built.

1. Land Acquisition – The first step of the Crown Process is acquiring the land. Our on staff consultants and managers handpick a plot of land that already has a variety of natural characteristics that we can fit into the future Crown Community. This first step essential in the pre-planning process that lays the outline for the projects involved to create the clubhouse community.

2. Land Planning – Once we’ve identified the land and how to work the natural elements into neighborhoods, we then request the professional expertise of a variety of consultants. We work with local conservationists and civil engineers to help include the natural beauty of the land into a fantastic community.

3. Community Development – After we acquire the land and local permits are approved, we begin to build the infrastructure of the community. Long before breaking ground on the first home, Crown lays the groundwork for the community’s utilities and roads.

At this point in the process we also begin development on the recreational areas. We understand the importance of open and green areas, so we include a variety of bike and walking paths through preserved natural areas. Our communities also include parks with professionally installed playground equipment for children.

4. Housing Mix & Home Design – The styles of housing that we include into our clubhouse communities are designed to fit the needs of any buyer in the market. A typical Crown Community will include townhomes for those just starting out, single-family homes for young families and impressive custom-built estates for families that know exactly what they’re looking for.

5. Neighborhood Planning – In order to avoid the monotony that comes with a large residential development, Crown plans neighborhoods within its community. This allows residents to enjoy the recreational amenities and clubhouse, as well as the intimacy of a small neighborhood. It’s the best of both worlds!

A birds eye view of our Seven Oaks clubhouse in Wesley Chapel, FL.

A birds eye view of our Seven Oaks clubhouse in Wesley Chapel, FL.

6. Home Builder Selection – We understand that ultimately one of the most important elements to our future members are the homebuilders that we work with. We get a variety of inquiries from homebuilders all throughout the United States, but we only want the best. We handpick every builder through a vigorous background check and interview process. It is imperative that every homebuilder has an outstanding track record in the area and will uphold the Crown Community Standard.

7. Community Amenities – Last but certainly not least is the community center. We believe the center is a vital component for every community because it allows for a main gathering area where members can meet. It also allows the community members to work, play and grow together. The community center can include a clubhouse, water park, athletic courts and, in some cases, a golf course

If you are interested in learning more about your local Crown Community please make an appointment to visit our Seven Oaks community in Wesley Chapel.

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