Over 2000 years ago, the Ancient Greek poet Pindar said “Water is the best of all things.” All it takes is a quick look at images of Rome’s many fountains to know that people since early societies have enjoyed the calming effects of water. Living near water reminds people of the beauty and grace of nature and often can create a deep calm within us.

Water Sign DaytimeA beautiful waterfall now welcomes homeowners and potential homeowners to the WaterGrass community. The waterfall features three streams that rise up toward the WaterGrass sign, and the water peacefully spills over a rugged stone slope into one of the many serene ponds that are part of the community. The calming sound of water will now make for a comforting reminder to the community members when they enter WaterGrass that they are now home!

The waterfall was designed by Bloodgood Sharp Buster, a national design firm that has been around for over 40 years, focusing on creativity and design in the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. Distance Shot at Dawn

As beautiful as the waterfall looks during the day, it looks even more impressive when it is lit up at night.

And this waterfall isn’t the only place in the community to enjoy the calming effects of living near water—the community is full of natural wetland areas and calming ponds and lakes. If you’d like to see what it would be like to be welcomed home to WaterGrass, make an appointment today.

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