WaterGrassWaterfallDay-300x225We have already written about what makes the growing community of Wesley Chapel great—with a new hospital, new community college, growing economy, and plenty of access to shops and restaurants, Wesley Chapel is a great community to invest in a home.

Also, the location of WaterGrass is ideal. At WaterGrass, you are only a 9 minute drive (5.5 miles) from I-75. This means easy access to Tampa for work, entertainment at the city’s great restaurants, museums, and sporting events, and easy airport access.

At WaterGrass, you also live within an hour or an hour and a half of some of the country’s most beautiful beaches in Sarasota and Clearwater. This makes for easy, beautiful getaways for day trips or long weekends. You also have access to the Port of Tampa for cruises.

You hear people say “location, location, location” when home shopping, and WaterGrass certainly has it all—a great, growing economy, an easy commute to a large city, and in beautiful, sunny Florida.

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