WClogo.277135136_stdWhen you live in WaterGrass, you will be glad to send your high school aged children to Wesley Chapel High School. The school offers activities for every interest area, including several clubs, sports, and creative programs. The school was recently featured in the news for offering 9th Grade Academy, an innovative program to welcome freshman to the school and to be sure they are prepared to succeed when they enter high school. Ninth Grade Academy is intended to ease the transition from middle school to high school. In August, around 300 of the 371 freshman went to a one-day orientation and watched skits and videos, met with a school resource officer, learned about class credits, and were given their schedules for the first semester. They had a chance to get to know their classmates and learn their way around the campus. They also learned about the many clubs they could join. The Ninth Grade Academy doesn’t end there, though. Throughout the school year, the academy works to keep freshman grades on track. If a freshman doesn’t do a homework assignment, the student will have to take “Student Time for Academic Recovery” during lunch or another part of the day to do the assignment for partial credit. Also, Freshman are told to join two clubs—and from the long list of clubs available, it shouldn’t be hard for your child to find something of interest. And teams of teachers are assigned to concentrate on the Freshman. All of this helps Freshman to jump right in, stay involved, and keep their grades up. The idea is that they will be prepared to succeed during the rest of their years in high school. Learn more about this innovative program on the Wesley Chapel High School website. If you want to keep informed about living in WaterGrass, sign up for our eList.

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