As summer heats up, WaterGrass residents enjoy the best of all worlds with the WaterGrass Club pools. When compared to a backyard pool or a town or park district pool, the clubhouse community pool offers huge benefits to those who live at WaterGrass. Below, we’ve outlined a just a few benefits and perks of the WaterGrass Club pools that are top of mind for residents, especially during the dog days of summer!

WaterGrass Club Junior Olympic Swimming Pool

1. Never too crowded. Since membership is limited to WaterGrass residents only, you don’t have to fight the crowd from an entire town, especially on hot days.

2. No maintenance. With your own pool, you have to keep up with a lot of maintenance! Avoid the cleaning, scooping, brushing, and chemicals—here it’s all done for you!

3. Variety. Do you want to splash around today in the splash zone? Or swim laps? How about just floating around or playing games with friends. With so many options, you can change your adventure every visit.

4. Get easy exercise. Swimming laps is a great full body workout, and it’s never easier than if you have an official-sized Jr. Olympic pool with lap lanes.

Interested in living where you can take advantage of your very own community pool? Make an appointment to visit WaterGrass today to find the home that is perfect for you, and that comes with all of the amenities WaterGrass has to offer.

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