At WaterGrass, we understand that people cherish their four-legged friends as members of the family. That’s why, when designing Promenade Park at WaterGrass, we made sure to include a designated off-leash dog park for residents and their beloved Fidos to enjoy! We did tons of research to learn what makes a great dog park, and why it would be a valuable amenity for our residents. Check out some of the top community benefits to having a dog park at WaterGrass!

1. Building strong connections. Dog parks give dogs a place to socialize, but they also end up being a great connecting place for human residents. While your dogs get much-needed exercise, you can meet your neighbors, exchange tips about life in Wesley Chapel, and make new dog-loving friends.

2. Safe for everyone! A designated off-leash dog park gives dogs a safe place to run free. This makes it less tempting to go off-leash elsewhere around town, where it may not be enclosed or where traffic may be a danger.

3. Play places for dogs of all sizes. We understand that the Chihuahuas may not feel as comfortable running with the Great Danes. So we are including separate designated areas for large and small dogs for size-appropriate play.

4. Attractive and thoughtful design. The dog parks at WaterGrass will look great, just like the rest of the community! They will feature bone-shaped benches and a shade structure for seating areas, and doggy water fountains.

A dog park within the community is an amazing, attractive benefit for people who live here. We can’t wait until the park opens! The dog park is under construction as part of Phase III, and is scheduled to open this Spring (2019)!

Would you like to live at WaterGrass, where you can enjoy having a dog park right within the community? Make an appointment to visit today!

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