Gone are the days of small, separate designated rooms in homes. New construction homes embrace all that is good about open space living. Families love the flow, togetherness, and entertaining and daily life possibilities of open space homes. If you’ve never had an open living area in your home, you’ll want one after hearing all that is great about it!

1. Be together for day-to-day tasks. Parents can cook, tidy, prepare lunches, or enjoy a coffee while kids eat breakfast, snack, or do homework. No matter the kids’ ages, an island with stools brings the family together while taking care of everyday life.

2. Easily serve food for large or small groups. With plenty of spaces to put appetizers and prepare drinks, you can continue getting meals together while engaging with your guests. Play group games and enjoy each other’s company stretching across the living room, casual dining area, and kitchen all at once.

3. Offer plenty of spaces to sit. Whether you are talking everyday living or entertaining, people always end up gathering in the kitchen. With a large open space, the “kitchen” expands out, giving friends and family alike comfy places to rest.

4. Choose the right eating space for each meal. Whether you need the casual grab and go of island dining, a convenient nearby table for casual meals, or a formal separate dining space, you have options for every need!

5. Call the family to order with ease. If your open space includes a 2 story living or family room, you can easily communicate with family members who are upstairs or in a nearby room. Call them down or ask questions without yelling across the house!

Photos in the post feature the Murano by Vitale Homes and the Abaco by Taylor Morrison, two beautiful decorated models open now at WaterGrass in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

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