New Home Buying Guide Part 2: 6 Professionals Who Will Help You with Your New Home Purchase

When you are buying a home for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be—especially since so many professionals who do this all the time are there to help. In our first New Home Buying Guide article, we covered 6 Things to Consider When Shopping New Home Communities. Today we’re going to talk about all of the experts who can be there for you throughout the process, so you can concentrate all your energy on finding the perfect new home!

1. Mortgage Broker. You may have an idea of how much you would like to put down, and you may even have used a mortgage calculator to discover your budget. While you always have the option to shop mortgages on your own, many people choose to work with a mortgage broker to simplify the process. A mortgage broker will look at your finances, find a mortgage that is best for you, lock in rates at the best time, and help you through the process of filing and completing paperwork at the appropriate times. And the best news: you do not have to pay for the services of a mortgage broker, as they earn a commission from the bank you end up using. Find a trustworthy mortgage broker to simplify the financing process!

2. Real Estate Agent. Even when you are purchasing a new construction home, a real estate agent can help you through the home search process. We love working with real estate agents at Highland Woods. They are familiar with how to approach a builder, questions to ask, and what to consider as you choose your lot, builder, and floorplan. A real estate agent is often familiar with listings before anyone else, and throughout your process they will begin to understand your tastes to find the best home match for you. When you are a buyer, you don’t have to pay a real estate agent, so it just makes sense to enlist their services. They are paid through a commission from the seller or builder. It’s in their best interests to understand you and find you your perfect home.

3. Builder Representative. When you are buying a new home, the builder representative is similar to the seller’s agent. They will also work with you to figure out your new home dreams, and they will find the best fit for you. You will work with the builder representative to sign a contract, and then they will help you choose your lot, floorplan, and the fun part—options, selections, and finishes. They will be your contact for the timeline of the building process.

4. Real Estate Lawyer. The lawyer is very helpful for the closing process. They will file all the necessary paperwork for a smooth and seamless closing. The lawyer will be present to help you understand all of the paperwork you are signing as you sign it. They will usually charge you a flat-rate fee for the work involved.

5. Moving Company. Some people choose to call up their friends and family to make a move and pay them in pizza, refreshments, and return favors. Others choose to hire a moving company. While the cost difference between the two options is enormous—one free, the other hundreds to thousands of dollars (depending on how much, how far, and the level of work you are hiring them to do)—many people will go the pro route. Professionals will handle all the heavy lifting with care, take responsibility for the packing and safe moving of the items, and will get the job done in record time. Some people even choose to have the moving company pack and unpack boxes for them—a huge time saver that may be worth the cost.

6. Interior Designer. Once you are in your beautiful new home, you want it to feel like home. An interior designer can do any number of things—take your existing furniture and decor and lay it out or set it up in the best way possible, pick out accessories and artwork, or they can even do a top to bottom selection of furniture and decor. If you plan to hire an interior designer for your new construction home, you may want to bring them in early in the process so they can help you make floorplan, finish, and selection decisions before construction begins.

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Featured Move-In Ready Homes: Check Out the Siesta by D.R. Horton

Looking for a new home without the wait? We have several incredible move-in ready homes available at WaterGrass in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We occasionally highlight 1-2 amazing new homes that are complete or nearly complete. We want to be sure you see them before they are gone!

Today we want to highlight the Siesta by D.R. Horton. There are several under construction with varying move-in ready dates. Check out two that will be ready next month below. Come check them out and make one yours today!


Siesta2At WaterGrass, we’re sure you can find the perfect new construction home that is ready and waiting for your family. Check out all of our move-in ready homes.

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CalAtlantic Homes Named 2016 Builder of the Year by Builder Magazine

We are proud of the featured builders at WaterGrass. Since WaterGrass is a master-planned community, every builder is carefully selected for its proven record of architectural standards and quality craftsmanship. One of our featured builders, CalAtlantic Homes, was recently named 2016 Builder of the Year by Builder Magazine!

Builder Magazine outlined the reasons for the award in an article about the interesting story of how CalAtlantic came to be. It started with a merger between two of our featured builders, Ryland Homes and Standard Pacific Homes. The merger story is actually exciting and interesting, starting with a great camaraderie between the CEOs of the companies, two “normal guys” who did not factor ego in when figuring out that the companies were better together. Builder Magazine predicts that homebuilders are likely to consolidate further in the future, and that, “CalAtlantic got a head start on how to do it and why.”

Builder Magazine says, “Subsuming two big-time home builder nameplates—whose brand equity combined amounts to 110 years of recognition and trust—into a single, unified, new trust mark takes guts. It takes recognition that, for something to be gained from the combination, something, too, must be given up. But customers—home buyer customers—trust people, and people, after all, are what make up every great home building company.”

Read the full article.

At WaterGrass, CalAtlantic Homes offers single family homes starting from the $230s with floorplans ranging from 1,866 to 4,443 square feet. They build in Whisper Pointe and Cypress Bend.

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Realtor Offer at WaterGrass: Earn a $500 Amex Gift Card through Oct 31!

Realtors love bringing their clients to visit WaterGrass—they get to show beautiful homes, quality builders, and the gorgeous natural and lush landscaped community packed with amenities, and if the client decides to buy, for a limited time realtors earn a $500 Amex Gift Card!

Details below:

Realtors will receive a $500 Amex gift card on each new home contract written between July 15 and October 31, 2016. The buyers’ agent will receive the gift card after closing.* (Resale homes are excluded.)

It’s a great time to buy at WaterGrass in Wesley Chapel, with several move-in ready homes available and incredible builders to choose from. The recent completion of the WaterGrass Club Expansion added a Jr. Olympic pool, fitness center and playroom, social gathering room and more to the already amazing community clubhouse! Bring your clients in to check out all that WaterGrass has to offer. We have something for everyone, with homes available from the upper $100s to over $1 million.

So, bring your clients to tour our beautiful model homes. Visit our resort-style amenities including our newly expanded clubhouse, Junior Olympic pool, resort-style pool with children’s splash zone, state-of-the-art fitness center, social rooms and more! And be on your way to a $500 Amex gift card.

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* Contact a WaterGrass Community Representative for details. • Promotion runs from July 15, 2016 thru October 31, 2016. • Client must have a completed contract on a WaterGrass new construction home, earnest money check and completed AMEX Gift Card Promotion form by 5pm on October 31, 2016. • Contract must be on a new construction home. Builder new construction move-in ready homes are included. Homes that have been occupied or resale homes are EXCLUDED. • One “client” may equal one or more individuals who will reside in the same single-family home. • Gift card awarded to Realtor within 14 days of closing. • It is the responsibility of the Realtor to make their broker aware of all rewards/gifts received as a result of this promotion. • Only licensed brokers and REALTORS® are eligible for the promotion. • Builders and their family members, employees and sales representatives, as well as employees of Crown Community Development are not eligible. • Realtor and visitor must register with Builder • Crown Community Development reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time. • Crown Community Development is the final arbiter in all disputes. • REALTOR® is a registered trademark of the National Association of REALTORS®. • This is a promotional offer only and Crown has no affiliation with Builders. • Transaction between Builder and REALTOR® is separate. • Any and all commissions on sales are between Builder and REALTOR®. • Crown Community Development pays no commission. • Program subject to change without notice. • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion, incentive, or offer.

New Home Buying Guide Part 1: 6 Things to Consider When Shopping New Home Communities

Looking for a new home for the first time can be a lot of things—exciting, fun, and life changing. And with so many details, it can also be overwhelming. In order to help ease some of the uncertainty that comes with going through this process for the first time, we’ve decided to put together a series of posts to serve as a new home buying guide. In this series, we will offer tips to help you through the process, from initial considerations to selecting your home to the process of buying, building, and closing on your new home.

As the first part of the series, we check out the 6 basic things to consider when shopping new home communities:

Watergrass-2706-11. Location. It’s possible that the decision on where you will look for a home will be the first decision you make. It can be tempting to narrow by town, but you may also want to start with a radius from a certain spot on a map. You need to consider the proximity to work, school, and other activities. Use an online map to show you travel options and traffic or train times from a potential area. You should imagine a typical week and the places you go, and how often you go there. You should also consider the accessibility of highways, trains, and other travel resources. A great location with easy access to school, amenities, and work can be a key to overall happiness!

Watergrass-7545-web-1-1024x6832. Neighborhood. It’s a great idea to spend a little time in neighborhoods you are considering. Park and watch the community activity to get a feel for what it will be like to live there—are the people active? Are there well-kept parks and playgrounds that kids seem to enjoy? Look around to see what your view out your window could be—are homes, lawns, and community landscaping appealing?

WaterGrassElementary-030-1-1024x6423. Schools. Whether you have school-aged children or not, schools are an excellent thing to consider when looking for a home. A great school district can impact the value of your purchase. And if you have school-aged children, the schools can carry a lot of weight. Consider both the quality of the schools your children will attend and the location. It’s wonderful to live where your school is only a short distance away. At WaterGrass, the elementary school is located right within the community!

Watergrass-7465-web-1-1024x5644. Community Amenities. A great community can improve your entire lifestyle. Consider amenities that could be available right outside your door, and how that might affect your day-to-day activity. Are there great places to walk, play, and enjoy the outdoors? If you choose a clubhouse community like WaterGrass, you could have access to a fitness center and kids play area all year, tennis and basketball courts, neighborhood parks and playgrounds, and incredible pools where you can relax or splash the day away.

Screen-Shot-2016-07-20-at-1.59.01-PM5. Builder Options. If you are building a new home, you want to find a builder who matches your style. You also want to find a builder with a great reputation—you want to know that other people love their homes by this builder. If you are building a home from scratch, you want the building process to have a great reputation as well. It is a big commitment to work with a builder, and you want to know the experience will be as smooth as possible. At WaterGrass, we’ve done the hard work of narrowing down builders to only the best for you so you can take the time to choose the builder whose style suits your dream and budget.

WaterGrass-Park2-16. Budget. You will need to figure out your overall budget for a home. You should factor in the mortgage payment, property tax, as well as additional expenses. If you are buying a resale home, consider the cost of replacing items that may need to be replaced for wear and tear. If you are buying a new home, everything is new and you will have warranties, so that is not a concern. You also should consider the cost of furniture, window treatments, and other essentials.

All of the above items should help you narrow your initial search! Then you can start the fun job of choosing a builder and floorplan, and moving closer to purchasing your new home!

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