When Tony was ready to retire after 27 years of active duty with the green berets, he and his wife Tess chose Florida for their retirement. They have a 9 year old daughter and wanted to buy a home in a friendly neighborhood-style community. They fell in love with WaterGrass and purchased a Standard Pacific Home in the Peregrina neighborhood. We had the chance to talk with them about their story and why they chose and fell in love with WaterGrass.

MilFam-300x198Where did you live before WaterGrass?

(Tess) I lived in Germany since 1985 and that is where I met my husband Tony. He was in the green berets. We lived on base most recently, in Seubdgart, Germany. After 28 years in Germany and 27 years in the service, my husband retired from active duty and our lives changed. He got a job as a military planner in Florida at the MacDill air base, so life sent us here all of a sudden.

Why did you choose WaterGrass?
After going to different subdivisions, we came to WaterGrass. I fell in love with the house. When we drove around, we saw the house and I knew from seeing it outside that it was my house. We stopped by to look, and came back again the next day. I liked the house and I liked the color. We worked with Standard Pacific, and visited a few times over the next few days. Every time we visited I said, “Honey, I like this house.”

What do you like about the community?
I like WaterGrass. I’m thankful and I’m blessed—it’s my first time living in the United States and it is our first house ever. The neighbors have become my friends. I feel comfortable and safe living here. We wanted a place where there was a very nice atmosphere that felt safe and we love that is so close to the elementary school for my daughter.

What do you love about your home?
I like the way the house is built—the style, the structure.

How does your daughter like living at WaterGrass?
She was born in Germany, so this is her first time to live in the states. She loves the pool at the WaterGrass Club.  She likes the house and the neighborhood. She can play at the neighborhood play ground with the neighbor kids.

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